Hot Summer Days.

I still remember those hot summer afternoons from when I was a little girl and the only good thing was sharing a can of 7up with my mother. Years later, I still love summer afternoons only if you give me a chilled drink and my mother to share it with!
As an active nutritionist, it is only natural when my brain on it’s own accord starts calculating calories and other nutrients on seeing a snack or a drink. Which is why 7 Up is no longer a preferred drink. Not everyday atleast. Lemonade is fine, but how can you have the same thing everyday yes? And how do you glam up a good delicious healthy drink? Well that has been answered for us my friends. It has. INFUSED WATERS. Yes, infused waters are all over the market. People make them at home or buy them bottled. But infused water is a great way to cool down without adding those calories and the advantage? You get in a few of those micronutrients you’d otherwise not pay much attention to. So here’s how you can make your own infused water.
1. Mint and lemon
A classic combination that no one can beat. In addition to cooling you down this water has a very refreshing taste. Infact in my experiment with this combination I noticed that even if the water wasn’t cold enough, this infusion made it seem cool to drink. Lemon in addition to giving a great flavour is bursting with Vitamin C, a vitamin as essential as is ignored, being a water soluble vitamin, the water gets loaded up with the Vitamin C drawn out from the lemon. You can never get enough of this can you? It is also great for that special glowing summer skin. Mint on the other hand is well known for it’s detox functions by helping to clear out the liver of its toxins. In addition to that, mint is excellent to boost digestion and is well known to relieve indigestion. It is no surprise there that it is such a favoured herb of the Indians.


2. Cucumber
Cucumbers can either be added to the lemon mint infusion or by itself.
The summer sun in addition to drawing out water from your body causes you to loose electrolytes from your body which need to be replaced. Bursting with electrolytes cucumber proves to be an excellent choice to add to your glass of water. Cucumber also has a range of anti-oxidants which help in prevention of degenerative diseases. Most of these anti oxidants are water soluble and are easily mixed into the water you drink.


3.Fruit infusions
I don’t personally prefer addition of fruits as infusions. However, it acts as a great way to add variety and a change of flavour and colour. Your choice of fruit will help you obtain the micronutrients.
Commonly used fruits are the summer fruits like mango or watermelon, other citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit (which are also loaded with Vitamin C), berries like strawberries and cherries are also quite commonly seen in infused waters.


Now how will a person drink spices? Well spices have a more enhancing function rather than functional. Spices may generally imrprove flavours of your infused water, and may or may not contribute to the micronutrient content. The spice more commonly used is cinnamon where a whole stick is added. Cinnamon is an excellent choice as it loaded with anti-oxidants and help in detox and cleanse.

Having discussed all possible varieties of ingredients possible for your very own DIY infused water, let me get some DISCLAIMERS out of the way:
1. The amount of ingredient going in will be dependent upon how strong you want the flavour to be.
2. Salt and sugar maybe added, although I don’t recommend it. And certainly not if infused waters are being consumed as part of a cleanse routine or in case of clinical conditions.
3. Choose your ingredients very carefully, keeping in mind clinical conditions, if any as well as being mindful of allergic reactions.
4. For hygienic conditions do not store your water for over a period of one day.

I really hope I have been able to help you improve your summer days! Enjoy! Stay Healthy, stay Happy!

Published by Shiza Khan

A masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, and a penchant for health foods. It's not about dieting or losing weight. It's about choosing better foods and building a healthier lifestyle! Join me in this mission.

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