Getting Ready for Ramadan – Part 3!

It’s here, finally. A week more to go and we will all be in the blessed month of Ramadan. This is the perfect time to post the last of the blogs in the Getting ready for Ramadan series. Well most of the queries and FAQ’s out of the way, the only thing left to discuss is some final tips for optimizing time during Ramadan in order to get the most out of it. Ramadan as you see is not just trying to find a schedule for meals and sleep, but to eat enough to sustain you through the day and get enough sleep to let you do the tasks deemed upon you!

Let’s get real now. The first week of Ramadan is difficult for everyone, even for the most dedicated of people, even for me, and I as most muslims do absolutely love Ramadan. I have as most children do loved it since I was a child, but let’s not all get sentimental about it. My point is that a slow transition into Ramadan is the best way to deal with all the sudden changes. Taking care of a few essentials is all you need out carry out that transition.


Getting enough water in is one of my biggest concerns certainly. Especially now since Ramadan is coming in summer and the fasting period is lengthened. Sure I drink as much water as I can when I remember, but you can only chug so much water in at a time! This problem was solved for me when i came across a post somewhere, where water was distributed over the evening namaaz and Taraweeh. A simple way to do this is to keep a bottle of water near where you sit to pray. After every 2 rakah’s take a sip or two. SO by the time you’re done praying you would’ve downed at least a litre of water. This after having drunk 2 glasses or so of water after breaking the fast and another 2 before the prayer and adding the water one drinks in the sahar (pre- dawn meal) will easily bring your count upto 2 litres or so!  This tip will certainly change my life!


Ah! Don’t even get me started on that burning fire making home in your chest or stomach! Eating in the hurry that we do and then going back to sleep will cause this uncomfortable feeling to linger all day making everything you do in your day not your best. A simple way to avoid this is to (a) Not eat crazily spiced foods in seheri. (Yes Mumbaikars, no paaya’s this time) (b) Making sure you stay up for at least half an hour after eating, and (c) Either drink some cold milk or have a cold dessert, which is preferably milk based. Oh, and last but not the least, don’t forget the water, room temperature is the best!


When you can’t eat, or drink for that matter, the only thing seemed to be left to be done is sleep. Most people say that it’s because they don’t have enough energy, or they’re tired, but the truth is, the more you sleep, the sleepier you get. It’s just that your body is trying to slow everything down to compensate for the sudden absence of food. So no, you’re most certainly not dying or anything. Your body is just not used to you giving it rest. So, get up and move around, no one is asking you to do extra work, just do what you did the day when you weren’t fasting. Recent researches have shown that there is no reason for you to halt your workouts during fasting. If you think you have enough time to, go ahead, burn those calories. It’s twice more effective with the diet you’re following anyway!

In the end, Ramadan is what you make of it. It gives you the most when you give it your best. Also this month is meant for ibadat, and for making the rest of the year just as fruitful as this one month was. So if you get your worries about food, and drinks out of the way, you’re sure to concentrate on the most important task at hand. May we all the most blessed Ramadan we have had. Till then
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

                                   ramadan kareem[4]  

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