Nutrition Week 2014!


The first week of September is celebrated as the National Nutrition week in India. Which basically means that every institution that has anything to do with nutrition is organizing some activity or the other, promoting healthy eating and clean food choices among the masses. It is only obvious that I then being a part of one such institution had to organize some activity, or any activity rather to commemorate this week. What I hadn’t expected though was that my head of department would ask US, meaning us students to sail our own boats! She let us free to decide what we wanted to do, how we wanted to do and when we wanted to do! Now if this doesn’t seem like a big enough deal, know this much that as Indians it doesn’t matter how old we are or how independent, one thing is for certain, that we shall always and I mean ALWAYS have the full support of our elders, and by full support I mean, we just have to do what they tell us to. No questions asked. So obviously the firs thing we felt was well, shock, then fear, then just irritation at having to plan a proper event in such a short time, it was a short time believe me! But as we went ahead with deciding what to do, and planning and acting out those plans, we realized how much fun it was. From arguing about what events to pick, to frantically searching for sponsors and the oh lord mighty task of getting people to participate. It was at that point I realized, as I’m sure so did all the others in my group, that we would ever be grateful to our teacher for letting us take the reigns in our hand and create memories for ourselves that we wouldn’t dare forget. From being the first ever batch of students that organized the whole thing online for the first time in forever, to being our own sponsors. it was a ride unforgettable. Here’s where I’ll get teary eyed and tell the whole world that I worked with the best people I could’ve asked for, (you know who you are) whose names I will not list for safety reasons.

To wrap it up in a nutshell, I’ll just say, as a nutritionist nothing gives us more joy than to see people pick up a fruit instead of chips, or bake something that is traditionally fried, or generally make healthier food choices. So at the end of the week while going through all the entries submitted over the week, this is what struck me the most. This week was all about enabling people to judge for themselves what is right and wrong, to empower the masses to be able to live healthier lives and increase the quality of it, because hey, who doesn’t deserve that? So yes, I’ll be bold and I’ll make an arrogant statement (or it may seem to some) that this week was a success, and not just because we managed to get through all the events, but because we managed to do what we aimed to. So yes. we’re Awesome!

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