1 Oats – 4 Ways.

The humble oats. Not enough can be said about it’s importance. The tasteless husk is now being used in multiple recipes to increase it’s consumption. What’s amazing is, is the versatility of it to be able to used multiple ways. While I don’t really appreciate it sugar less or the mushy texture of porridge, there are many recipes that make it so much more delicious and readily eatable.

So, I’ve compiled 4 recipes that are my all time favourite (and really the only way to I eat it).



There’s nothing innovative about having the regular age old oats porridge recipe, however the one good thing about it is the freedom to put in ingredients of your choice – fruits, nuts, honey, almond/soy/regular milk. Really, you can use anything you want and work around the recipe till you find a combination that suits you.
Tip – try adding a dash of cinnamon powder and 1 tsp of ghee to your morning porridge.



Whichever lazy doppelganger of mine invented the overnight oats, I salute you! Here’s the basic aim behind it – soak one portion of oats overnight in your choice of milk. The next morning, add more milk if desired, or top with some yoghurt and fruit, drizzle with honey, or my personal favourite, use a berry compote. I personally highly recommend the berry compote. Top it of with some roasted nut/seeds for some bite to it.

Tip – add 1 tsp instant espresso powder to the milk you use for soaking, or better yet prepare half cup of coffee just the way you like it and use it to soak the oats overnight. You’ve got yourself a quick fix breakfast without foregoing your morning shot of caffeine.



Now, we’re finally moving on to something fun, aren’t we! So, I’m sure I’m not the one who created the recipe, but I certainly did a good job at discovering it. I experimented with beginning to add oats to a regular flour mixture, gradually increasing the proportion till eventually the entire pancake was made using oats flour instead of white processed flour. Cinnamon and nutmeg, I found really complimented the flavour of oats.
Eventually I also realized, this recipe could be made completely vegan using oats and a mashed banana (or 2) to make some delicious pancakes, heavenly with honey, maple syrup, coconut cream. Your choice really.

Tip- Add in some plant based protein if following the vegan version. 



Now this, is something I do indeed wanna take credit for just because I did discover it one fine winter morning in my kitchen when I was about to cook the most perfect fluffy french omelette when I realized I ran out of bread to along with it. And I know you’re thinking, ok so have the eggs. But I really NEEDED some toast with the eggs you see. So in absence of it, and my gnawing hunger, I ended up adding 1 tbsp oats to my beaten eggs. Now, while my omelette wasn’t fluffy like I intended it to be; It. Was. Delicious. Of Course, later on I experimented more and came to the understanding that spring onions, thinly sliced capsicum, and some green chilli make for a heavenly oats omelette.

Tip – Add 2 tbsp water to 1 tbsp oats and let it soak a bit before beating in with the egg. This recipe can also be made vegan, by just preparing a batter with oats flour, spring onions, green chilli, capsicum, any vegetables you like and some water enough to make a thick batter.

The beauty of these recipes is the freedom of choice. Play around with the ingredients till you find a recipe that suits you, and you have a perfectly healthy addition to your diet just like that.

Having said that, I will be happy to provide you all with specific recipes, ingredients and nutritional information. Drop me an email on calorieconnoiseur@gmail.com



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