In the ZONE… Part II

In the ZONE… Part II

Knowing about a diet is only half the battle won. Drawbacks of any diet are definitely more important to know than the benefits of them. While the zone diet definitely defines the set ratio of macros making it easier to follow and stick to, since you won’t be feeling hungry due to lack of carbs in the diet; the ratios won’t work for everyone.


Let’s break down the diet for its benefits and drawbacks.

BENEFITS (as proclaimed)

  • Losing body fat, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Improved cognitive ability and wellness.
  • Reduced rate of ageing.
  • Reduced diet induced inflammation.


  • The diet doesn’t work for everyone, and is especially difficult to follow without a professional consult.
  • Since the diet had been created around the 1970s, it doesn’t take into account the medical trends of today.
  • May cause micro-nutrient deficiencies.



Proteins allowed – Lean meats like lamb or veal, chicken or turkey, fish, egg whites, low fat cheeses, milk or curd, vegetarian sources like soy or tofu.

Fats like avocadoes, nuts, and oils like canola, sesame, peanut and olive.

Carbs include veggies and fruits and whole grain cereals.


All that’s left to do now is to see what a zone diet actually looks like. Of course depending on a persons weight and other body measures the diet will look different for each person.


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A masters degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, and a penchant for health foods. It's not about dieting or losing weight. It's about choosing better foods and building a healthier lifestyle! Join me in this mission.

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