30 Day (How not to) Emotional Eating Challenge

As determined as I was to start my New Year on the best note possible, I failed spectacularly. Fortunately, most of it wasn’t something I could particularly help, rather my reactions demanded me to move away from most things. So, you can imagine how frightening it was for me to get back into the groove things. Now, doing and sticking to challenges has been a personal…. challenge for me, but I’m gritting my teeth and have decided to go ahead and do a couple challenges on here this year. What better way to make sure we all stick to the goals we set for ourselves, eh? So without further ado here’s presenting to you my first challenge of the year, the 30 Day Emotional Eating Challenge. Hopefully, by the end of it, we’ll all be able to identify triggers and will have built a strong community around us!

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Emotional eating is the practice of consuming large quantities of food – usually “comfort” or junk foods — in response to feelings instead of hunger. At some point or another, we’ve all been guilty of this, but sometimes it also gets difficult to isolate the feeling from actual hunger and it gets to a point where food is the only comfort. Some people will purge after overeating, while some just end up putting on weight. Either scenario isn’t ideal.

So, before we can jump into it, there’s a few things that will make this challenge easier.

1. A journal/ diary that you can note the answers to the prompts into.

2. A Food diary that you can note your daily food intake into with brutal honesty since no one but you are reading this. This will also help you track your own improvements.

3. Your dedication and a little bit of patience.

I can’t promise or guarantee that this will help you overcome your Emotional Eating completely, but I promise through this journey you’ll be one step closer to being in tune with your body than when you started off.

Good Luck! 🙂


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