Emotional Eating Challenge Day 1!

Emotional Eating Challenge Day 1!

First of all. Before we even get into what the prompt/question to address for day 1 entails, if you’re doing this with me, you’ve already won by showing up. Today we shall discuss ‘My Biggest barrier to weight loss is ______ & here’s why – ‘

This is a difficult one right at the beginning isn’t it? But here’s why it’s good to get the main reason out of the way. So here goes –
My biggest barrier to weight loss definitely is my laziness and inconsistency. It doesn’t necessarily mean I am inconsistent on purpose, but some situations arise that might force to me to get off my diet for a few days, and then it becomes extremely difficult. The last time I was following a diet regime AND losing weight on it, I got hit with a hideous bout of flu and the mere thought of eating was so nauseating, I went off track. It’s been a month since then, and I still haven’t started back with the diet!

My laziness per say is about having to prepare separate food for me or making sure I have my food/snack on me every time I go out with friends. It IS a lot of work. And then there is the fact that I have an array of hormonal imbalances (which I’m working on also) which causes my weight loss to proceed at the pace of a snail. So each time I feel like I may have lost weight, and it doesn’t reflect on the scale I get extremely demotivated and well….give up. As I actually sit and ponder upon these reasons, I’m beginning to see the irony of my situation in that, I as a dietitian counsel people against the very things that are dragging me down.

All these reasons do not particularly make me emotional eat, but they do make me not care about what or how much I’m eating, or sometimes if I’m not eating anything altogether.

So well, since the prompt is to identify the barrier we shall stick to it. See you all tomorrow, or as I’ve decided, day after!

Good Luck! 🙂


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