Life Goals and How I Could Get Them!

Life Goals and How I Could Get Them!

Day 2 has us answering a very important question. What I want from my life and do I make sure I get it.
We all want something from our life don’t we? But only a few of us can put a finger on what is it we want and even fewer know the route to follow to make sure they get what they want. So take your book and your pen, and write down what it is you want most in your life. Alternatively you can write down just the goal or aim you have for your life. Now I’ll admit back in college, I had an entire timeline of my life goals. But then life happened, and a LOT of it. Eventually my goals and aims changed unknowingly. So now they aren’t as they were then, and I had no inclination to what they were either. So for a time I was stumbling blind living each day having no idea of where I was heading. And I didn’t even know it. Till I read this question and was forced to think of it. So here’s my answer to this:
I want happiness out of my life. Not the blinding dizzying like of happiness, but the kind that makes me feel satisfied and content where I may be. To expect lesser and give more. To do things that I can but not stress over things that aren’t in my control. To just be. Life’s too short and too long to bother about most things that we can’t control.

Moving on to the second part of the question, which I can do only for myself, mainly as each of us are different and each of us have our own goals that we have to learn to reach on our own. In the end it only matters that we prioritize the things in our life and work on the most important ones. It also helps if you work on your own happiness and learning to be content with what and where you are in your life, only then will you see everything fall into place. It’s a long road and a tough one, but I promise you, it’ll be all worth it in the end.

For now, let’s take one step at a time and figure out the answer first you’ll be surprised how your find your method to achieving your end goal just as easily.

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