Food and I – A love Story.

EEC Calcon

Oh boy! This is going to be my favourite prompt to write, for today we answer, What is your relationship with food like? Well, mine is wonderful. No, seriously. I may be doing the Emotional Eating challenge, because I do have a debatable relationship with eating and food. It really is good for the most part.…

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Emotional Eating Challenge Day 1!

EEC Day 1 CalCon

First of all. Before we even get into what the prompt/question to address for day 1 entails, if you’re doing this with me, you’ve already won by showing up. Today we shall discuss ‘My Biggest barrier to weight loss is ______ & here’s why – ‘ This is a difficult one right at the beginning…

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The South Beach Diet… Hit or Miss?

If you’ve been following this diet series, you already know what comes now, that we have already discussed what the South Beach Diet actually looks like. Generally the South Beach Diet is built for those looking for cardiovascular health and weight loss in the long term. However for those who want a stern diet, then…

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