Ice Cream Oats – 3 ways!

Ice cream Oats Calconn

Scrolling through Instagram a few days ago, I came across someone having cookie dough flavoured oats. While that seemed interesting enough, I got to thinking if that ice cream flavour can be replicated, so can others! So, I chose my three favourite flavours for my Ice Cream Oats, viz., Red Velvet, Choco Chio and Mocha!…

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Baba Ghanoush

The origin of the dish Baba Ghanoush comes from the Middle East. Where exactly, is still debated, with some inclination of it originating out of Syria and then Lebanon. The word ‘Baba’ means Father in Arabic and a folktale surrounding the dish states that a daughter mashed up a dish of eggplant for her toothless…

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