How I Ate This Ramadan to not gain Weight!

Oh, look who decided to resurface to the world of the Internet! Yes! me. *eye rolls* But I was really determined to make the most of this month, and therefore I stepped back from a lot of responsibilities. I’m not complaining. I had the best Ramadan I’ve had in years and I couldn’t be happier.…

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Steps for A Fruitful Ramadan – Part 3!

We’re merely 10 days away from Ramadan and the anxiety is real! Yes, you heard right, Anxiety. It used to be a time when I couldn’t wait for Ramadan to roll around and would jump with excitement! I still am excited, it’s just paired with anxiety! It naturally makes sense that I look to prepare…

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Steps for a Fruitful Ramadan Part 2!

May is already here, and we’re just 10 days or so away from Ramadan!  We still have 2 more posts to tackle before the month rolls around. So today, I want to discuss The BENEFITS OF FASTING, mainly on the body, as the benefits on the body will extend to the mind and soul too.…

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Steps for a Fruitful Ramadan – Part 1

Ramadan is the month of the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims all over the world, fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting during this month not only entails abstaining from food for the prescribed time, but having control over one’s thoughts, actions, and words. It teaches us not only the obvious, which is the value of…

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What your Summer Diet should Include!

I know, I know what you’re thinking, Summer Foods? Perhaps she’s made a mistake. Perhaps it’s supposed to be summer drinks or summer Beverages. But no, I very much  meant foods, thank you! Summer has got to be perhaps the most awaited season all over the world. In India, however, with the sweltering heat, the…

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Day 15 & Day 16.

I’m going to take the liberty of actually combining 2 prompts in one day. Day 15’s prompt rationalizes me deepest darkest fear. What if I was told I couldn’t lose another pound? Honestly, I already do have hormonal issues that make it extremely difficult for me to lose weight anyway. If I had to top…

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