Infused Waters you must try this Summer.

I still remember those sweltering summer afternoons from when I was a little girl and the only good thing about the season was sharing a can of cold 7up with my mother. Years later, I love summer afternoons only if you give me a chilled drink and my mother to share it with! As a…

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What Eating In the ZONE looks like..

The concept of Zones upon which the Zone diet actually works has already been discussed. So what does that translate to in terms of the actual food you would eat. **NOTE** this is just a broad guideline of what the diet will look like in terms of distribution, ingredient choice and amounts. It will vary…

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In the ZONE… Part II

Knowing about a diet is only half the battle won. Drawbacks of any diet are definitely more important to know than the benefits of them. While the zone diet definitely defines the set ratio of macros making it easier to follow and stick to, since you won’t be feeling hungry due to lack of carbs…

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In the ZONE.

The Zone diet is the second diet we shall discuss in this series of common diets. Created by Barry Sears in 1995 after losing his family member to a cardiovascular disease. The main concept of a zone diet is to stick to a specific ration of Carbs:Protein:fats of 40:30:30. The carbs consumed in the diet…

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All About Atkins.. Part II

Now that we’ve covered what an Atkins diet looks like, you may be inclined a little towards it. Heck, even I am inclined a LOT towards it. So if you are like me, and are thinking, ‘Ah let’s give this a try’, what is the next step? The next step would be to identify the…

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The Perfect Diet!

Wherever you look on social media now-a-days, all you see are health coaches advocating weight loss, fitness and such. But there are also many diets openly available for people who wish to lose weight. With widespread information available on which celeb followed which diet to lose so many kilos/ pounds in so many weeks, there’s…

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