Day 15 & Day 16.

I’m going to take the liberty of actually combining 2 prompts in one day. Day 15’s prompt rationalizes me deepest darkest fear. What if I was told I couldn’t lose another pound? Honestly, I already do have hormonal issues that make it extremely difficult for me to lose weight anyway. If I had to top…

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Emotional Eating Challenge Reflecting Mid Way.

Honestly, can I skip this day? Getting through each day writing on the prompts is one thing, but going back and reflecting on them? Oh, man; It’s worse than having to dig deep for all the issues. But since I am being particularly thoughtful about getting through each prompt with diligence, I’ll get on with…

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Spirituality and What it Is to Me.

Day 13 and we each discuss our “spiritual life and if it needs work.” I won’t even begin with an intro to this, its pretty obvious what it means, so we’ll just jump into it. People who know me, know that I am actually a deeply spiritual person. I take a lot of heart in…

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An Open Letter to Everyone.

Oh man, today’s prompt is one I had been looking forward to the most. It’s day 12 and we address “If someone you loved dearly told you, they think they’re too fat, too ugly, or worthless, what would you say to them?” To Whoever is reading this, Have you looked in the mirror today? What…

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My Great Expectations.

Day 11 is here to greet us, and I feel like I shouldn’t be this slow about writing these. The pace is really making me pity myself. But on the other hand, I think I shouldn’t rush through for the sake of actually resolving whatever remnants of Emotional Eating I may have. So, today we…

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Emotional Eating Triggers!

We’ve made it to Day 10 everyone! Frankly for me, this is the longest I’ve stuck to a challenge! But today, we answer the toughest question so far. What are our actual triggers to emotional eating. This can be a little hard hitting for people, since it entails actually having to address their inner demons.…

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